Long tail boat (Traditional long tail boat)
Price 1500 Baht

Booking prices

1-2 person         = 1,500 ฿

3-5 person         = 1,700 ฿

6-8 person         = 2,000 ฿

9-12 person       = 2,300 ฿

13-16 person     = 3,000 ฿(Jumbo size)


- Pick up from the pier. (Tadan pier)

- Take a long tail boat through a mangrove forest and sightseeing around Phang-Nga bay national park, through Khao kien and Khao Maju.

- Visit to Talu cave for canoeing you will see beautiful scenery moreover, amazing stalagmites and stalactites around the island.

- Visiting Khao Pingkun and James bond Island, enjoy scenery that nature created.

- Visit (Muslim Fishing village) or Koh Panyee Island. Lunch at the village 

- After lunch sightseeing in the village, shopping and visit world beautiful floating stadium. 

- Transfer to the pier. (Tadan pier)


* Private trip.

*Takes 3-4 hour in Phang Nga bay.

Includes: 1. Accident travel insurance2. Long tial boat3. Life jacket*

Not includes lunch, Nation park fee and Sea Canoe.


***Call now: (+66)630978592     


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