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Set menu

1. Fried fish sweet and sour

2. Prawns and chicken tempura

3. Sea food soup (Tom Yam)

4. Fried chicken with curry

5. Fried mixed vegateable

6. Fried squids with green onion 

7. Fried mussel with chili sauce

8. Omelet

9. Fried crabs with chili pepper

10. pineapple

11. Stemed rice

12. soft drink


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All rights reserved. Phang Nga Bay Tour No matter which season or season it is. Our holiday is a special holiday because we are a tour company in Phang Nga Bay. We take care of you as a family. Pleasure If you think to travel Phang Nga Bay. Please remember us.

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- We provide standard tours with guaranteed safety throughout the trip. And virtual family services
- Insurance coverage throughout the journey.
- Maximum 12 groups of tour groups per group for convenience throughout the trip.
- There is a guide that can communicate English very well. If you need other guides (please contact)


- Travel arrangements
- Provides information about tour programs.
- Boat & shuttle service
- Car & boat service Expertise with driver's license.
- The company has a tour operator license.

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